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Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Logan Kriete 
The Committee Documentary Film
Co-Author: Monica Monticello 
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Mills (Film)

2nd Place: drew fedorka 
Projecting Grandeur: President de Gaulle’s State Visits and Summitry of Spring 1960 in Historical Perspective
Mentor: Dr. Amelia Lyons (History)

Honorable Mention: sarah parker
Knights Earth: Development of a Map Application Revealing Sustainable Practices and Environmental Initiatives at UCF
Co-Authors: Ryah Harrigan, Cecily Hernandez, Regina Postrekhina, Kristina Ramdial, Bryan Salicco, Paul Vines, Jacques Werleigh 
Mentor: Dr. Michael Hampton (Chemistry)

Honorable Mention: genesys santana 
A Case of Double Consciousness: Americo-Liberian and Indigenous Liberian Relations 1840-1930.
Mentor: Dr. Fon Gordon (History)

Honorable Mention: Adee Benartzy 
The Pastel Study: Communicating Sexuality and Promiscuity in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris 
Mentor: Dr. Ilenia Colon-Mendoza (Visual Arts and Design)

Engineering and Computer Science I

1st Place: William Gysi
Stress-sensing nanomaterials using photo-stimulated luminescence spectroscopy
Co-Author: Kevin Lautenslager 
Mentor: Dr. Seetha Raghavan (Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering)

2nd Place: Joshua Bernstein
Filtering Acoustic Measurements in Non-Ideal Environments with External Noise
Mentor: Dr. Jayanta Kapat (Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering)

Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Enos 
Understanding the Balance between Economic Equality and Economic Growth: A Generative Computational Approach
Mentor: Dr. Ivan Garibay (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Honorable Mention: Spencer Frank
A Theoretical Model of Load-Transfer in an Alumina Nanoparticle Filled Epoxy Matrix to Obtain Stress-Sensing Characteristics
Mentor: Dr. Seetha Raghavan (Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering)

Engineering and Computer Science II

1st Place: ThuyTien Nguyen 
Medical Image Segmentation of MRI and CT Scans to Create 3-D Models of the Aorta for Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies
Mentor: Dr. Alain Kassab (Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering)

2nd Place: Peter Tonner
Transcriptomic Profiling of Ribosomal Protein Pseudogenes in Diverse Human Tissues
Mentor: Dr. Shaojie Zhang ( Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Honorable Mention: Lucky Tran
Effect of Rib Aspect Ratio on Heat Transfer and Friction in Rectangular Channels
Mentor: Dr. Jayanta Kapat (Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering)

Honorable Mention: Amanda Tritinger
Renewable Energy from the Florida Current
Mentor: Dr. Scott Hagen (Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering)

Life Sciences I

1st Place: Patrick Cherubin
Polyphenolic Compounds of Grape Extract as Potential Inhibitors of Cholera Toxin
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Teter (Biomedical Sciences)

2nd Place: Alexandra Ayache
Amyloid-beta42 Toxicity Reduction in Human Neuroblastoma Cells Using Cholera Toxin B Subunit-Myelin Basic Protein Expressed in Chloroplasts
Mentors: Dr. Henry Daniell (Biomedical Sciences)

Honorable Mention: Sharon Carter
Determining phylogenetic relationships of the Papuan snakes in the genus Toxicocalamus
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Parkinson (Department of Biology)

Honorable Mention: Christopher Britt
A Computational Approach to Elucidating the Mechanisms of Bacterial Intoxication
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Teter (Biomedical Sciences)

Life Sciences II

1st Place: Camila Diaz
Mechanisms to Combat HIV Acquisition in the Female Reproductive Tract
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Cole (Biomedical Sciences)

2nd Place: Tamara Downs
Through time and space: studying the invasion patterns of the charru mussel
Mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman (Biology)

Honorable Mention: Steven Gotham Jr
Density-Dependent Phenotypic Plasticity in Schistocerca americana and S. keys (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Mentor: Dr. Hojun Song (Biology)

Honorable Mention: Erika Nafi-valencia
Hsc70 Regulates the Formation of SNARE-complex Required for VTV-Golgi Fusion.
Mentor: Dr. Shadab Siddiqi (Biomedical Sciences)

Life Sciences III

1st Place: Lauren Smith
Measuring the genetic effects of a recent population bottleneck of the keystone urchin species, Diadema antillarum
Co-Author: Sara Bolivar Wagers 
Mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman (Biology)

2nd Place: Selina Sutchu
Through time and space: Development of a phoA gene fusion reporter system for use in the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi.
Mentor: Dr. Mollie Jewett (Biomedical Sciences)

Honorable Mention: Abdul Rahim
Proteomic Analysis of the Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) Transport Vesicles
Mentor: Dr. Shadab Siddiqi (Biomedical Sciences)

Honorable Mention: Michael Schrum
Don’t Judge a Salt Marsh Snake by Its Cover
Mentor: Christopher Parkinson (Biology)

Physical Sciences I

1st Place: Christopher Campo
The Atmosphere and Orbit of WASP-12b
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Harrington (Physics)

2nd Place: Alesia Antoine
Formation of Giant Vesicles and Morphological Changes at High Pressure
Mentor: Dr. Alfosn Schulte (Physics)

Honorable Mention: Ramone Eldemire
Visualization of Focal Adhesion Points on Geometrically Manipulated Cells Using an Efficient Two-Photon Fluorescent Probe
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Belfield (Chemistry)

Honorable Mention: Kasey Haugen
Synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization of a novel near–infrared emitting diphenylaminofluorene-based aza-BODIPY dye
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Belfield (Chemistry)

Physical Sciences II

1st Place: Nicholas Mele
Mathematical Simulation of Rocket Flight
Mentor: Dr. Costas Efthimiou (Physics)

2nd Place: Jie Liang
Asymptotic Formulas of Bernstein Polynomials for Discontinuous Functions
Mentor: Dr. Xin Li (Mathematics)

Honorable Mention: Brian Thomas
Clique Minors in Graphs with Independence Number Three
Co-Author: Evan Weiss 
Mentor: Dr. Zixia Song (Mathematics)

Honorable Mention: Rosmery Victoria
Development of Luminescent Ruthenium Complexes for In-vivo Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) of Angiogenesis with the RGD Peptide.
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Belfield (Chemistry)

Social Sciences I

1st Place: William Crosby
An Evaluation of Tracheostomy Care Anxiety Relief through Education and Support (T-CARES)
Mentor: Dr. Mary Lou Sole (Nursing)

2nd Place: Emily Edwards
An Examination of the Prejudicial Value of Visual Evidence in the Context of a Criminal Court Case
Mentor: Dr. Karen Mottarella (Psychology)

Honorable Mention: Shannon Bailey
Needlework Craft Experts and Spatial Ability: An Exploration of Expertise Effects in Mental Rotation, Three-Dimensional Object Development, and Folding Visualization 
Mentor: Dr. Valerie Sims (Psychology)

Honorable Mention: Jessica Collier
An examination of parental education level, income, and distress in parents of children with special needs.
Mentor: Dr. Andrew Daire (Educational and Human Sciences)

Social Sciences II

1st Place: Emmanuel Jackson
Blending In: Downplaying Homelessness in Society
Mentor: Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)

2nd Place: Aderonke Ilegbusi
Evidence of Acid pH and its Impact on the Larynx
Mentor: Dr. Bari Hoffman Ruddy (Communication Sciences and Disorders)

Honorable Mention: Marie Gualtieri
Curvy is the New Thin: College Women’s Perception of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
Mentor: Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)

Honorable Mention: Genee Glascoe
Do sociological risk factors moderate the relationship between psychological distress and delinquency?
Mentors: Dr. Jason Ford (Sociology)

Social Sciences III

1st Place: Patrisha Reynolds
Temporal Trends in Grave Marker Attributes: An Analysis of Headstones in Florida
Mentor: Dr. John Schultz (Anthropology)

2nd Place: Kendall McCollough
Determining the Sex of Juvenile Skeletal Remains via Dentition
Mentor: Dr. Tosha Dupras (Anthropology)

Honorable Mention: Jack Miller
UAV Optics Usability Analysis for Urban Search and Rescue Missions
Mentor: Dr. Florian Jentsch (Psychology)

Honorable Mention: Emily Pilz
Gender Representation in Elementary Mathematics Textbooks
Mentors: Dr. Keith Folse (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Social Sciences IV

1st Place: Tricia Tang
A Comparative Analysis of College Student Spring Break Destinations: An Empirical Study of Tourism Destination Attributes
Mentor: Dr. Youngsoo Choi (Tourism Event and Attractions)

2nd Place: Rachel Sewell
What is Appealing?: Sex and Racial Differences in Perceptions of the Physical Attractiveness of Women
Mentor: Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)

Honorable Mention: Angela Vanella
Investigating the Relationship between Creativity and Lexical Choice
Mentor: Dr. Shannon Whitten (Psychology)

Honorable Mention: Nicole Yello
Gender Issues and Equity in 21st Century Children’s Picture Books
Mentors: Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman (Teaching, Learning, and Leadership)