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Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Audra Darbyshire
A Search for the Ceramic Surface
Mentor: Mr. Hadi Abbas (Art)

2nd Place: Gregory Moore
Is Folk Art Postmodern?
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Congdon (Philosophy)

Honorable Mention: Kari Wilberg
The Social and Linguistic Dynamics of Placement Tests: Assessing the Second and Heritage Language Learner
Mentor: Dr. Gregory Thompson (Modern Languages and

Honorable Mention: Krystal Gillette
Latinos on Broadway: An Analysis of the Representation of Latino Culture and Stereotypes in Major Broadway Musicals
Mentor: Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez-Milanes (English)

Engineering and Computer Science

1st Place: Amber Scheurer
Cubic Oxide Semiconductors for Deep Ultra-Violet Applications
Mentor: Dr. Winston Schoenfeld (Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science)

Optimization of Alternative Wave Energy Converter
Mentor: Dr. Kuo-chi Lin (Engineering Technology)

Honorable Mention: ROBERT SLADE
GFRP Bridge Deck Systems for Skewed Bridges: An Analytical Investigation on Deck Orientation
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Mackie (Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering)

Honorable Mention: Keon Vereen
Experiments for Heat Flux and Pressure Dependent Flow Boiling of R-134a
Mentor: Dr. Ranganathan Kumar (Mechanical, Materials, and
Aerospace Engineering)

Honorable Mention: Corey McCall
A Prototype Device That Implements RFID and Remote Monitoring Technology to Track Medications for Elderly Healthcare Patients
Mentor: Dr. Cliff Zou (Electrical Engineering and Computer

Health Sciences

1st Place: Jamie Bigler
Interventions to Improve Psychosocial Sequelae in Women with Ovarian Cancer
Mentor: Dr. Victoria Loerzel (Nursing)

2nd Place: Corrine Caswell-Riley
Nursing Interventions for Adolescent Substance Use
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Ark (Nursing)

Honorable Mention: Lydia Watkins
Improving Nonverbal Communication Between Nurses and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children
Mentor: Mr. Stephen Heglund (Nursing)

Honorable Mention: MAUREEN WOODMAN
Fertility Awareness-Based Methods of Avoiding and Achieving Pregnancy: An Effective Means of Family Planning and Promoting Women’s Empowerment
Mentors: Ms. Mary Guimond, Dr. Maureen Covelli (Nursing)
Life Sciences I1st Place: Jennifer Bazemore
Effects of 4-Phenylbutyrate and Geldanamyacin in Cholera Intoxication
Mentor: Dr. Ken Teter (Molecular Biology and Microbiology)2nd Place: Aaron Godwin
Understanding the Potential Impact of an Invasive Marine Mussel: a Field Study on the Growth and Survival of Mytella charruana
Mentors: Dr. Kimberly Schneider, Dr. Eric Hoffman, Dr. Linda
Walters (Biology)Honorable Mention: Kelly Cobaugh
Bactericidal Effects of Auranofin on Clostridium difficile
Mentor: Dr. William Self (Molecular Biology and
Microbiology)Honorable Mention: Tayler Croom
ABCE1: Essential for Ribosome Biogenesis
Mentor: Dr. Robery Igarashi (Chemistry)Life Sciences II1st Place: James New
Plant-Made Oral Vaccines: Evaluation of Capsules
Mentor: Dr. Henry Daniell (Molecular Biology and
Microbiology)2nd Place: CHRIS REILLY
Effects of Site Specific Tryptophan Mutations on Human Group IIA Phospholipase A2
Student Co-Presenter: Erica Jackson
Mentor: Dr. Suren Tatulian (Physics)Honorable Mention: Emily Pitcairn
Colors, Bands, and Scales: Do the Genes Agree?
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Parkinson (Biology)Honorable Mention: NEYDA VANBENNEKOM
Identification of Human Signaling Proteins that Promote Entry of the Bacterial Pathogen Listeria monocytogenes
Mentor: Dr. Keith Ireton (Molecular Biology and Microbiology)Physical Sciences and Mathematics1st Place: Kelsey Hargrove
The First Detection of Ice and Organic Compounds on an Asteroid: A Possible Link to the Origin of Earth’s Water
Mentor: Dr. Humberto Campins (Physics)2nd Place: Christian Smith
Impact of Coulomb Impurities on Transport Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons
Mentor: Dr. Masahiro Ishigami (Physics)Honorable Mention: KYLE REGER
Numerically Analyzing Hall Magnetohydrodynamics Near an X-type Neutral Line
Mentor: Dr. Bhimsen Shivamoggi (Mathematics)Honorable Mention: Christopher Campo
Two Multichannel Spitzer Secondary Eclipses of WASP- 18b
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Harrington (Physics)Social Sciences I1st Place: Amelia Carey
Religious Affiliation and Religiosity: Variations on Perceptions of Domestic Violence
Mentor: Dr. Jana Jasinski (Sociology)2nd Place: Ileana Diaz
The Ethnoprimatology of Limón, Costa Rica: A Survey in Conservation
Mentor: Dr. Leslie Lieberman (Anthropology)Honorable Mention: DEANN COLLINS
Investigating Predictors of Ageism: Relationship with Older Adult Wanted
Mentors: Dr. Shannon Whitten, Dr. Erin Murdoch, Dr. Karen
Mottarella (Psychology)Honorable Mention: LINDSAY DHANANI
Homeless Perception Based on Religious Affiliation
Mentor: Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)Social Sciences II1st Place: Allison Matos
Exposing the Maya: Using LiDAR to Identify Hidden Archaeological Features in Caracol, Belize
Mentor: Dr. John Weishampel (Biology)2nd Place: Brooke LaJoie
Never Too Old, Never Too Young? Exploring Stereotypes in the Mixed-Age College Classroom
Mentor: Dr. Karen Mottarella (Psychology)Honorable Mention: Vanessa Dominguez
The Family Adjustment Measure Project: The Norming and Validation of the Family Adjustment Measure 
Mentor: Dr. Andrew Daire (Child, Family and Community
Sciences)Honorable Mention: GARRETT GRAINGER
National and Structural Explanations for Income Inequality: An Exploratory Analysis
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Mahutga (Sociology, University of
California-Riverside)Social Sciences III1st Place: Kevin Rutherford
The Effects of Transactive Memory Systems on Team Performance
Student Co-Author: Graham Altamura 
Mentor: Dr. Leslie DeChurch (Psychology)2nd Place: Andrea Ranieri
The Backward Masking Red Light Effect and Schizotypy
Student Co-Author: Diana Hernandez
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Bedwell (Psychology)Honorable Mention: JAYME PUFF
Relationships Among Parents’ Economic and Parenting Stress, Parenting Behaviors, and Ratings of Young Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Functioning
Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Renk (Psychology)Honorable Mention: Marie Sabbagh
Student Co-Author:Tess Hare, Erika Wheelhouse, Holly McFarland
Sexism: Who Will Speak Up?
Mentors: Dr. Erin Murdoch, Dr. Maria Lavooy (Psychology)