About Showcase

Event Schedule
Session I: 12-1:30p.m.
Session II: 2:30-4p.m.
Awards: 4:30-5p.m.

The Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) is a poster forum for UCF undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the broader university community. Undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to present current or recently completed academic projects showcasing the diversity of topics, approaches, and interests at UCF. The Showcase serves as a resource for undergraduates not yet engaged in research and creative pursuits to learn how fellow students have developed their intellectual interests, current projects, and faculty connections. SURE demonstrates to undergraduates not yet engaged in research - as well as faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater Central Florida community - that research builds upon and enriches the UCF experience.

For more information and eligibility requirements, please see Showcase FAQ page, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at OUR@ucf.edu.

SURE is part of the Research Week at UCF.

Writing an Abstract and Get Ready
to Present

January 30th, 12:30-2p.m. (SU 223)
January 31st, 12:30-2p.m. (SU 223)

How to: Ask for, Process, and
Use Feedback in Undergraduate Research

February 6th, 2-3:30p.m. (SU 223)
February 7th, 1-2:30p.m. (SU 223)
April 3rd, 4-5p.m. (SU 316AB)

Preparing a Poster Presentation
March 6th, 10-11:30a.m. (SU 220)
March 9th, 11-12:30p.m. (SU 220)
March 10th, 1-2:30p.m. (SU 223)
March 20th, 11-12:30p.m. (SU 224)

How to: Communicate Your Research
April 3rd, 12-1:30p.m. (SU 316AB)

Nominate Your Mentor!
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