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Space Use and Behavior of Sherman’s Fox Squirrels in Suboptimal Habitat: Implications for Conservation


Sherman’s fox squirrel habitat preferences, dispersal patterns, and use of space in suboptimal conditions in the Tosohatchee State Reserve in Christmas, Florida, will be examined so as to determine the immediate effects on movement patterns and settlement for this species.


Some populations of Sherman' s fox squirrel appear to be persisting in habitats that are considered suboptimal for this species, such as at the Tosohatchee State Reserve near Christmas, Florida. Therefore, to determine the habitat preferences, dispersal patterns and use of space that occur under marginal conditions, we will collect data on the behavior and use of space of individuals at the Tosohatchee reserve. We will assess home range, reproductive success, and densities of this population and compare them to published estimates of fox squirrels elsewhere. This pilot study will also determine the best trapping methodology and handling techniques to use for this species, as well as testing other methodologies such as radio telemetry. Information from this study will also be used in future research examining the adaptive value of the large body size and the unique coloration of this subspecies (the top of the head is black, with white nose and ears). Future plans include expanding the study to Wekiwa Springs State Park, where Sherman's fox squirrels live in higher densities. The specific questions addressed in this study, when considered in light of the extensive literature on other fox squirrels in North America, will shed light on the immediate effects of habitat fragmentation on movement patterns and settlement of individuals in this species. This information can be used to greater understand the dynamics of recruitment and dispersal in Sherman's fox squirrels, which will be especially useful in future conservation efforts of this species.

Example Posters


Shadows of Canaveral: A New Dawn
Shadows of Canaveral: A New Dawn

Presenters: Alice F. Kramer, Christian Franqui, Michael Carney, Lillian Vincent, Max Ferrer
Faculty Mentor:
Lori C. Walters, Eileen Smith



Development of a Vascular Graft Apparatus

Presenter: Kelly Cox
Faculty Mentor:
Alain Kassab

In-Vitro Predictor of Stroke Trajectory Generated by the Axial-Drive Left-Ventricular Assist Device Prosthesis

Presenters: Ben Eslahpazir
Faculty Mentor:
Alain Kassab

Assessing the Viability of Sol-Gel NiMgO Films for Solar Blind Detection

Presenters: Amber Scheurer
Faculty Mentor:
Winston Schoenfeld

Evolutionary Approaches for Global Optimization Problems

Presenters: Giselle Borrero, Kenzo Mendoza, Stacy Glass
Faculty Mentor:
Michael Georgiopoulos


New Biometallo-Organic Compounds That Target Human Topoisomerase

Presenter: Alexander Fagenson
Faculty Mentor:
Mark Muller

Use of Reporter Gene Fusions to Analyze the Impact of Trivalent Aresenicals on Selenoprotein Synthesis
Use of Reporter Gene Fusions to Analyze the Impact of Trivalent Aresenicals on Selenoprotein Synthesis

Presenter: Brian Schanen
Faculty Mentor:
William Self

Islands Version 2.0
Islands Version 2.0

Presenter: Daniel A. Hernandez
Faculty Mentor:
David G. Jenkins



Effect of the Catalyst Support on Methanol Decomposition Over Size-Selected Platinum Nanoparticles
Effect of the Catalyst Support on Methanol Decomposition Over Size-Selected Platinum Nanoparticles

Presenter: Simon Mostafa
Faculty Mentor:
Beatriz Roldan-Cuenya



The Effect of Individual Distress on Retention for Low-Income Couples Participating in Marriage Education

Presenter: Teddy Moumouris
Faculty Mentor:
Andrew Daire

International Contracts: A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of International Contract Formation

Presenter: David Ackerman
Faculty Mentors:
Cynthia Brown

Variation of Grave Marker Attributes in Central and Southeast Florida

Presenter: Patrisha Reynolds
Faculty Mentors:
John Schultz

The Effects of Household Corrosive Subtances on Human Bone and Teeth
Influence of Defendant Mental Illness on Jury Sentencing

Presenter: Marie Sabbagh
Faculty Mentor:
Erin Murdoch

Latino Political Party Identification: Democrat or Republican?
Latino Political Party Identification: Democrat or Republican

Presenter: Kirk S. Robinson
Faculty Mentor:
Annabelle Conroy

The Relationship Between Psychometrically-Defined Social Anxiety and Working Memory Performance

Presenter: Timothy Paskiwski
Faculty Mentor:
Jeffrey Bedwell



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